The Work Shop is the fulfillment of a career come full circle.  As a boy I began working with my stepfather in his small cabinet shop learning the basics of the trade.  Over the years as my hours and skills increased we thought about one day opening a much larger cabinet shop.  After several detours along the way that day happened when we opened Crown Cabinetry. 

We operated Crown Cabinetry for several years and completed hundreds of beautiful projects before it came to an end after the all too familiar economic crisis of 2008.  After Crown I had the opportunity to manage multi-million dollar monumental estate grade projects for a northeast millworker.  After that I spent several years working for a consistently ranked Top 500 remodeling contractor focused on kitchen and bath renovations.

Over the years not only have my positions and locations changed but so has my family.  My beautiful wife of 13 years and I have five wonderful children.  At this point in our lives I’m excited to launch The Work Shop which will allow me to involve my children the same way I was able to learn now so many years ago.

The Work Shop is a focused effort to start and keep a small business small.  A custom woodworking shop focused on providing discerning clientele with quality products and services at a fair price.  Please browse through the pages below to see some of my past work and how I might be able to help you with your next project.



The Work Shop’s passion is fine custom cabinetry.  My past experience has enabled me to work on projects ranging from hundreds of dollars to millions - new construction, remodels, or commercial.  It’s not that a project is necessarily too big or small but more about working with clients who want a quality custom product that differs from so many available standard offerings. 



After performing a site visit I can transform your flat architectural plans into a vision of your home (willing to start the design process with architectural prints for out of state projects).  I’m able to provide you with full 3D renderings that will closely resemble your finished project.  Once the design is complete a definitive delivery date will be established for your project.


Using the highest quality materials made and locally sourced in the USA when available ensure that your cabinets will likely last longer than you want them. 

Nothing about your cabinets will stand out more than the fit and finish, no detail will be overlooked.  Maybe you’re looking for a high gloss contemporary look or want a traditionally styled stain and glaze combination?  I have worked with many different types of products and can match the finish to your specific styling.

Prefinishing of your door and millwork packages is also available in order to continue the cabinet grade finish throughout your home’s woodwork.


Quality cabinet installation is vital in ensuring your cabinets look as good as they were made.  The Work Shop will work with your installer to ensure that it is installed as well as it was designed, ensuring project success!



I have always had an interest in keeping my valuables and firearms close and easily accessible, yet hidden from view to avoid ever being stolen.  Well, the inevitable happened to our family in our last home and of course the thieves made off with many thousands of dollars never to be retrieved.  Being robbed was a terrible experience for our family, but made worse by our tremendous loss – the only saving grace was that no one was home or hurt during this daytime robbery.

In Plain Sight is a fusion of my interest in custom cabinetry and protection that can take several different forms.  You might be interested in built-ins to hold valuables, moveable cabinets to access hidden areas or rooms, jib doors to blend in with paneled walls, or maybe you want to create an escape route in much larger homes.  All are items that I have worked on in the past and can be designed for you application to keep you, your family, or your valuables safe. 

This section will not feature pictures or go into specific detail to maintain confidentiality.  



Thanks for visiting the website and hope you have interest in working with me on your next project.  Please contact me via phone or email:

(360) 772-6806

B e n @ T h e e W S . c o m

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